Sandra Bermann

Head of College
609 258-8900
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Welcome to Princeton and to Whitman College! I’m delighted that I will soon have a chance to meet you. This will be my eighth year as Head of Whitman College, and I much look forward to working with you all. Before becoming Head of College, I was a faculty fellow at Whitman, and have seen this newest college quickly develop its own distinctive tradition and spirit. I much enjoy working closely with this great community. My aim is to make life at Whitman—and at Princeton—as enriching and rewarding for you as possible. Though I’m still relatively new to Whitman, I’m not at all new to Princeton. I spent my early years in the Midwest. But for most of my life (since 1976!), I’ve been teaching in Princeton’s Department of Comparative Literature—and have taken my turn there as director of undergraduate and graduate studies, and then, for twelve years, as chair. Comparative literature has always intrigued me, and I’ve been able to continue learning and writing about the planet’s many languages and cultures, as well as different sorts of verbal art, so I’m never, ever bored. You can find me teaching internationally-minded courses in literary theory, translation studies, lyric poetry, and our introduction to comparative literature—all of which I claim as my intellectual passions. I also love Princeton, and over my many years here, have found myself actively engaged in various aspects of university life. In the late 80’s, I spent a number of years as Head of Stevenson Hall, and more recently co-founded the Program in Translation and Intercultural Communication, and also led the President’s study group for the Bridge Year Program. All have reminded me of the many opportunities you have before you in your four years at this remarkable institution. When I’m not at Whitman or at East Pyne teaching, I enjoy reading and writing, travel, music, dance and yoga. My husband, George Bermann, teaches international law at Columbia Law School and our three children are all Princeton graduates. The youngest, who graduated in 2009, was a Whitman resident!