Residential College Leadership Team

The Residential College Leadership Team (RCLT) was established as part of a recommendation from the 2016 report from the Task Force on the Residential College Model. Each residential college has a RCLT, and the purpose of the RCLT is to provide opportunities for more collaboration among a number of peer advisers/educators on campus and present them as integrated sets of resources. The members of the RCLT include Residential College Advisers (RCAs), Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs), Resident Graduate Students (RGS), representatives from the College Council, SHARE peers, Peer Career Advisers (PCAs), Peer Health Advisers (PHAs), Carl A. Fields Center Fellows, Pace Center Ambassadors, and LGBTQIA Peer Educators.

Members of the Whitman Residential College Leadership Team                                  


pic of daniel lui
Daniel Liu '21                                      
Peer Health Advisers (PHA)

pic of Kat Mumm
Kat Mumm '21                               
Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs)

Pic of Adam Bersley
Adam Beasley '20                
LGBTQIA Peer Educators

pic of Minyoung Kim
Minyoung (Lily) Kim '21                                    
Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs)

pic of Serena Ren
Serena Ren '22                                    
Peer Career Adviser (PCA)

pic of Caton Yang
Caton Yang '20                                  
Residential College Adviser (RCA)

pic of Elisa Jacome
Elisa Jacome RGS                                
Resident Graduate Student (RGS)