Oladoyin Phillips

School of Public and International Affairs

Hello! My name is Oladoyin and I have just finished my first year as a PhD student in SPIA. My research interests lie in the intersection of energy systems modelling, political economy and the environment in Africa. I am specifically looking to build an energy systems model that takes into consideration the political realities in sub-Saharan Africa when providing decision support on how to power the continent in the face of climate change. Beyond that though, I just think it is important that Africa is well-represented in all spaces, not as an afterthought or a charity case. 

I was in Princeton as an undergrad in the ORFE department - class of 2014. So I am excited to be back on campus and genuinely curious as to how different it will feel as a grad student, all these years later. My current obsessions are K-dramas (I can spend an entire day watching a show on Netflix), podcasting - I really like to talk and share experiences to help people see they are not alone in the various pleasures and difficulties of living life - and reading fiction. 

Before coming back to Princeton, I worked in Mumbai, India for two years, then moved to London for another two before going to Cornell for an M.Eng in Operations Research and coming back to my real home - Princeton #tiger4Life you know? I am trying to learn to speak French, and perhaps run a marathon (after I finally get through the couch 2 5k app). 

Looking forward to joining Whitman !