Matthew Weinberg

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
AB Adviser
Office Phone
317 Computer Science Building

Hometown: (a suburb of) Baltimore, MD
Undergraduate: Math, Cornell 2010
Graduate: Computer Science, MIT 2014 (PhD)
Department: Computer Science (since 2017). I was also a postdoc in the computer science department from 2014 - 2017, and spent two semesters in Berkeley during this period too. Research Interest: I do theoretical computer science (we try to *irrefutably prove* what can and can't be done by computers). Within this, I focus on algorithm design (designing algorithms that provably solve certain problems). And within this, I focus on settings that involve some form of economics or incentives.

Fun fact: I somewhat randomly tried a Taekwondo PE class during undergrad, and *loved* it (it was completely new for me --- I never did martial arts as a kid). I started competing in Taekwondo during undergrad, continued during my PhD, and still compete now. I also co-coach the Princeton Taekwondo team here.