Lian Zhu

Chemical and Biological Engineering
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Engineering Quad, Rm A221

Hi Whitman! I'm a 4th year graduate student in Chemical and Biological Engineering, studying the biophysical assembly of the nucleolus (the part of the cell that produces ribosomes) in the Brangwynne Lab.  I did my undergrad at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) studying chemical engineering with minors in Physics and Biochemistry.  I also love Latin poetry, having studied it in undergrad and now am starting to study Spanish (mostly because I love the writings of Jorge Luis Borges).  I've also snuck into the creative writing classes here as well as taken a really wonderful graduate comparative literature course. I practice with the Tae Kwon Do team here at Princeton, so if you're interested just let me know.  Also if you are ever in the mood for a West Wing marathon, want just to chat over tea or a meal, or go to alpaca farms - come say hi to me in the dining hall or C313 Wendell, it'll be wonderful to chat and get to know you.