Jessica Ji

Computer Science
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Hi Whitman! I'm Jessica, a senior from Great Falls, Virginia (one of the many suburbs of Washington, D.C.). I'm an A.B. COS major also pursuing a certificate in Cognitive Science. Besides CS and the tech industry, I'm also really interested in the humanities, particularly history, and will be doing thesis work with the Center for Digital Humanities. Outside of academics, I'm also involved with the Brown Food Co-op, Club Taekwondo, and Princeton Women in Computer Science (PWiCS). In my spare time I like to read (sci-fi, horror, and nonfiction about WWII are particular favorites), halfheartedly jog in the woods, and write bad short stories. Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat about COS, academics at Princeton, co-op life, cool books you've read, historical conspiracy theories, the best food in [insert city here], recipe recommendations, movies that I haven't seen but want to talk about anyway, and anything else that didn't make it onto this list but you'd like to share!