Imaan Khasru '23


Hey, guys! I'm Imaan, a junior from Dhaka, Bangladesh majoring in Psychology with a certificate in South Asian Studies (my biggest academic interest). Outside of classes, I love comedy and art, so you can find my writing, graphics, and performances through the Princeton Triangle Club and Princeton Tiger Magazine. I came into Princeton from the (I)GSCE and IB system, originally on the SPIA track (got all those prereqs.... niiice...). Even though I switched to Psych in Sophomore Spring (never too late!), I still help out as a SPIA Graphic Design Intern and Undergraduate Research Assistant (making maps and doing some coding for the Council of Science and Technology)! Feel free to reach out to me to talk about exploring majors, handling the transition from IB / GSCE to Princeton, figuring out course selection, or just to talk about video games and sitcoms! See you soon