Jeremy Adelman

  • Professor of History
  • Henry Charles Lea Professor of History
  • Director of the Global History Lab
Email: adelman@Princeton.EDU
Office: G32 Dickinson Hall

V. Kofi Agawu

  • Hughes-Rodgers Professor of Music
Email: kagawu@Princeton.EDU
Office: 217 Woolworth Music Center

Yacine Ait-Sahalia

  • Bendheim Center for Finance
  • Otto A. Hack '03 Professor of Finance. Professor of Economics. Director
Email: yacine@Princeton.EDU
Office: 204 26 Prospect Ave.

Eve Ashheim

  • Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts
  • Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: easchh@princeton.edu
Office: 185 Nassau Street

Christopher Ayres

  • Head Coach, Men's Wrestling, Athletics-Coaches
Email: cayres@Princeton.EDU
Office: E54 Jadwin Gymnasium

Nicholas Barberio

  • Visual Communications Strategist
  • Communications
Email: barberio@Princeton.EDU
Office: 200B 22 Chambers St.

Mark Beissinger

  • Henry W. Putnam Professor of Politicsic
  • Acting Director, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.
Email: mbeissin@Princeton.EDU
Office: 237 Corwin Hall

Margaret Beissinger

  • Research Scholar
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures
Email: mhbeissi@Princeton.EDU
Office: 038 East Pyne Building

Wendy Belcher

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
  • Associate Professor of African American Studies
Email: wbelcher@Princeton.EDU
Office: 105 East Pyne Building

Daniel Bennett

  • Assistant Director of Campus Recreation for Facilities
Email: dbenn@princeton.edu
Office: Dillon Gymnasium

Brielle Bentley

  • Interior Designer
  • Office of Capital Projects
Email: bentley@princeton.edu
Office: Macmillan building

Tracy Bersley

  • Visiting Associate Professor of Theater and the Lewis Center for the Arts.
Email: tberslex@Princeton.EDU
Office: Program in Theater, 185 Nassau Street

Mariana Bono

  • Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures.
  • Ph.D., Université de la Sorbonne
Email: mbono@Princeton.EDU
Office: 401 East Pyne Hall

Mark Braverman

  • Professor of Computer Science
Email: mbraverm@Princeton.EDU
Office: Computer Science Building

Peter Brooks

  • Lecturer with the rank of Professor in Comparative Literature
  • University Center for Human Values
Email: brooksp@princeton.edu
Office: Center for Human Values, 5 Ivy Lane

Pierre-Thomas Brun

  • Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Email: pbrun@princeton.edu
Office: Engineering Quad, RM A221

LaTanya Buck

  • Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Office of the Vice President for Campus Life.
Email: latanya.buck@princeton.edu
Office: Nassau Hall, Rm 220

Michael Cadden

  • Senior Lecturer in Theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: mcadden@Princeton.EDU
Office: 185 Nassau St.

David Campbell

  • Psychologist, University Health Services
  • Coordinator, Post-Doctoral Psychology Training
Email: dc4@princeton.edu
Office: McCosh Health Center, Third Floor

Margot Canaday

  • Associate Professor of History
Email: mcanaday@princeton.edu
Office: 229 Dickinson Hall

Joyce Chen-Shueh

  • Senior Associate Dean
  • ODUS
Email: jgchen@princeton.edu
Office: Morrison Hall, Rm 313

Anne Cheng

  • Professor of English and African American Studies
  • Director, Program in American Studies.
Email: aacheng@Princeton.EDU
Office: 73 McCosh Hall

Sarah Chihaya

  • Assistant Professor of English
Email: schihaya@princeton.edu
Office: B52 McCosh Hall

Angela Creager

  • Thomas M. Siebel Professor in the History of Science
  • Director, Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies
Email: creager@Princeton.EDU
Office: 125 Dickinson Hall

Nathaniel Daw

  • Professor of Princeton Neuroscience Institute and Psychology
Email: ndaw@princeton.edu
Office: 234 Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Tessa Desmond

  • Associate Research Scholar, Program in American Studies.
Email: tdesmond@princeton.edu
Office: 322 Aaron Burr Hall

Danelle Devenport

  • Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
  • James A. Elkins, Jr. '41 Preceptor
Email: danelle@princeton.edu
Office: Molecular Biology, Lewis Thomas Lab

John Doyle

  • Visiting Lecturer with the rank of Professor in Theater
  • Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: johnmd@princeton.edu
Office: 185 Nassau Street

Sean Driscoll

  • Women's Soccer Head Coach
Email: sdriscoll@princeton.edu
Office: Dillon Gymnasium, Rm 3

Juliana Dweck

  • Mellon Curator of Academic Engagement, Art Museum.
Email: jochs@princeton.edu
Office: 199 Nassau Street

Ryan Edwards

  • Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Program for Latin American Studies
Email: ryance@princeton.edu
Office: 329 Aaron Burr Hall

Liliane Ehrhart

  • Graduate Student
  • Department of French and Italian
Email: ehrhart@princeton.edu
Office: 303 East Pyne

Stefan Eich

  • Lecturer in Politics and the Council of the Humanities
  • Perkins-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows.
Email: seich@princeton.edu
Office: Joseph Henry House

Benjamin Elman

  • Gordon Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies
  • Professor of East Asian Studies and History
Email: elman@Princeton.EDU
Office: Jones Hall, Rm 211

Lauren Emberson

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
Email: lauren.emberson@princeton.edu
Office: Peretsman-Scully Hall, Rm 110

Caryl Emerson

  • A. Watson Armour, III, University Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Emeritus
Email: cemerson@princeton.edu
Office: 241 East Pyne

Barbara Engelhardt

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Email: bee@princeton.edu
Office: 322 Computer Science Building

Thomas Espenshade

  • Professor of Sociology, Emeritus
  • Senior Scholar
Email: tje@princeton.edu
Office: 249 Wallace Hall

Jianqing Fan

  • Frederick L. Moore, Class of 1918, Professor in Finance.
  • Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering.
Email: jqfan@princeton.edu
Office: 205 Sherrerd Hall

Nick Feamster

  • Professor of Computer Science
  • Acting Director, Center for Information Technology Policy
Email: feamster@princeton.edu
Office: 310 Sherrerd Hall

Jarrett Fisher

  • Assistant Dean of Undergrad Students
  • Director of Student Agencies
Email: jarrettf@princeton.edu
Office: 48 University Pl, Suite 003

Su Friedrich

  • Professor of Visual Arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: sufried@princeton.edu
Office: 185 Nassau Street

Paul Frymer

  • Professor of Politics
  • Director of the Program in Law and Public Affairs
Email: pfrymer@princeton.edu
Office: 415 Robertson Hall

James Gabrillo

  • Senior Research Assistant, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.
Email: Jgabrillo@princeton.edu
Office: Louis A. Simpson Building

Cristiano Galbiati

  • Professor of Physics
Email: galbiati@Princeton.EDU
Office: 364 Jadwin Hall

Mario Gandelsonas

  • Class of 1913 Lecturer in Architecture
  • Professor of Architecture
Email: mgndlsns@princeton.edu
Office: Architecture Building S115-B (first floor)

Daniel Garber

  • A. Watson Armour, III University Professor of Philosophy
Email: dgarber@Princeton.EDU
Office: 112 1879 Hall

Elizabeth Gavis

  • Damon B. Pfeiffer Professor in the Life Sciences
  • Professor of Molecular Biology
Email: gavis@Princeton.EDU
Office: 416 Schultz Laboratory

Ben Gerlofs

  • Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Program in Latin American Studies
Email: bgerlofs@princeton.edu
Office: 329 Aaron Burr Hall

Reena Goldthree

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of African American Studies
Email: rgoldthree@princeton.edu
Office: 007 Stanhope Hall

Michael Gordin

  • Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
  • Professor of History
Email: mgordin@Princeton.EDU
Office: 305 Dickinson Hall

Anthony Grafton

  • Henry Putnam University Professor of History
Email: grafton@Princeton.EDU
Office: 126 Dickinson Hall

Thomas Gregor

  • Associate Professor of Physics and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics.
Email: tg2@Princeton.EDU
Office: 120 Jadwin Hall

Eric Gregory

  • Professor of Religion
  • Council of the Humanities. Director, Stewart Seminars in Religion
  • Director, Program in Humanistic Studies.
Email: gregory@Princeton.EDU
Office: 236 1879 Hall

Onur Gunay

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Woodrow Wilson School
Email: ogunay@princeton.edu
Office: 429 Roberrtson Hall

Thomas Hare

  • William Sauter LaPorte '28 Professor in Regional Studies
  • Professor of Comparative Literature
Email: thare@Princeton.EDU
Office: 113 East Pyne Building

Alexander Harper

  • Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Art and Archaeology
  • Link-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows
Email: aharper@princeton.edu
Office: Joseph Henry House

Hendrik Hartog

  • Class of 1921 Bicentennial Professor in the History of American Law and Liberty.
  • Acting Director, Program in American Studies.
Email: hartog@Princeton.EDU
Office: 214 Dickinson Hall

Tennille Haynes

  • Director, Carl A. Fields Center
  • Office of the Vice President for Campus Life.
Email: thaynes@princeton.edu
Office: 204 Carl Fields Center

Aleksandar Hemon

  • Professor of Creative Writing in the Lewis Center for the Arts.
Email: ahemon@princeton.edu
Office: Arts Tower

Daniel Heyman

  • Lecturer in Visual Arts
Email: dheyman@princeton.edu
Office: 185 Nassau Street

A.M. Homes

  • Lecturer in Creative Writing and the Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: homes@princeton.edu
Office: New South Building, Floor 6

Heather Howard

  • Woodrow Wilson School
Email: heatherh@princeton.edu
Office: 182 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Frederick Hughson

  • Professor of Molecular Biology
Email: hughson@Princeton.EDU
Office: 215 Schultz Laboratory

Jessica Irving

  • Assistant Professor of Geosciences
Email: jirving@princeton.edu
Office: 321C Guyot Hall

Amanda Irwin Wilkins

  • Director
  • Lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program
Email: awilkins@Princeton.EDU
Office: S002B Baker Hall

Alison Isenberg

  • Professor of History
Email: isenber@princeton.edu
Office: 122 Dickinson Hall

Kim Jackson

  • Transportation and Parking
  • Director
  • Transportation and Parking, University Services
Email: kimj@Princeton.EDU
Office: New South Building, Floor A

Shawn Jaeger

  • Lecturer in Lewis Center for the Arts
  • Princeton Arts Fellow
Email: sjjaeger@princeton.edu
Office: 185 Nassau Street

Desmond Jagmohan

  • Assistant Professor of Politics
Email: jagmohan@princeton.edu
Office: 249 Corwin Hall

Harold James

  • Claude and Lore Kelly Professor in European Studies
  • Professor of History and International Affairs
Email: hjames@Princeton.EDU
Office: 218 Dickinson Hall

Marzenna James

  • Lecturer in Politics
Email: mjames@princeton.edu
Office: Corwin Hall

David Jarvis

  • Assoc. Director of International Programs
Email: david.jarvis@princeton.edu
Office: Louis A. Simpson International Bldg.

Ethan Kapstein

  • Visiting Professor of Woodrow Wilson School.
Email: kapstein@Princeton.EDU
Office: 220 Robertson Hall

Robert Kaster

  • Professor of Classics
  • Kennedy Foundation Professor of Latin Language and Literature. Professor of Classics.
Email: kaster@Princeton.EDU
Office: 149 East Pyne Building

Gillian Knapp

  • Professor of Astrophysical Sciences, Emeritus
  • Senior Scholar
Email: gk@astro.Princeton.EDU
Office: Peyton Hall, Rm 113

Paul LaMarche

  • Vice Provost for Space Programming and Planning
  • Office of the Provost
Email: lamarche@princeton.edu
Office: Nassau Hall, Rm 3

Aaron Landsman

  • Lecturer in Theater and the Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: al11@princeton.edu
Office: 185 Nassau St.

Rebecca Lazier

  • Senior Lecturer in Dance in the Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: rlazier@princeton.edu
Office: 185 Nassau Street

Thomas Leonard

  • Research Scholar, The Council of the Humanities
  • Lecturer in Economics
Email: tleonard@princeton.edu
Office: 418 Robertson Hall

Naomi Leonard

  • Edwin S. Wilsey Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Director
  • Council on Science and Technology
Email: naomi@princeton.edu
Office: Engineering Quad

Yiyun Li

  • Creative Writing Faculty
Email: yiyun.li@princeton.edu

Kevin Licciardi

  • Office of the General Counsel
  • University Counsel
Email: licciard@princeton.edu
Office: 404 New South Building

A. James Link

  • Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Email: ajlink@Princeton.EDU
Office: 207 Hoyt Chemical Laboratory

Wyatt Lloyd

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science.
Email: wlloyd@princeton.edu
Office: 323 Computer Science Building

Rosina Lozano

  • Assistant Professor of History
  • Class of 1942 University Preceptor
Email: rlozano@princeton.edu
Office: G-29 Dickinson Hall

Andres Maggi

  • Lecturer in Economics
Email: amaggi@princeton.edu
Office: 229 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Daniela Mairhofer

  • Assistant Professor of Classics
Email: daniela.mairhofer@princeton.edu
Office: 037 East Pyne Building

Emily Mann

  • Artistic Director, McCarter Theater
  • Resident Playwright
Email: emann@McCarter.org
Office: McCarter Theater

Kathleen Mannheimer

  • Senior Career Advisor, Career Services.
Email: kmann@princeton.edu
Office: 211 36 University Place

William Manning

  • Assistant Coach, Men's Lightweight Rowing, Athletics-Coaches
Email: wm7@princeton.edu
Office: Dillon Gymnasium, Room 3

Rebekah Massengill

  • Associate Dean, Office of the Dean of the College
Email: rmasseng@princeton.edu
Office: 408 Morrison Hall

Shawn Maxam

  • Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Office of the Provost
Email: smaxam@princeton.edu
Office: 201 Nassau Street

Melvin McCray

  • Independent filmmaker
  • Alumni '74
Email: melvinmccray@gmail.com

Peter Meyers

  • Professor of Physics
Email: meyers@Princeton.EDU
Office: 367 Jadwin Hall

Ashoka Mody

  • Visiting Professor in International Economic Policy
Email: amody@princeton.edu
Office: 227 Corwin Hall

Christopher Mongilia

  • Coordinator for Men's Basketball
Email: mongilia@princeton.edu
Office: Jadwin Gym

Francois Morel

  • Albert G. Blanke, Jr., Professor of Geosciences
  • Director, Princeton Environmental Institute
Email: morel@Princeton.EDU
Office: 153 Guyot Hall

Cara Morey

  • Head Coach of Women's Ice Hockey
Email: cmorey@princeton.edu
Office: 200 Baker Rink

George Morris

  • Field Manager, Design and Construction
Email: gm2@Princeton.EDU
Office: 200 Elm Drive, Macmillan Building

Miqueias Mugge

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brazil Lab
Email: mmugge@princeton.edu
Office: 328 Aaron Burr Hall

Paul Muldoon

  • Howard G.B. Clark '21 University Professor in the Humanities
  • Professor of Creative Writing in the Lewis Center for the Arts
  • Director, Princeton Atelier
Email: muldoon@princeton.edu
Office: New South Building, Fl 6

Coleen Murphy

  • Professor of Molecular Biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Email: ctmurphy@Princeton.EDU
Office: Molecular Biology, Lewis Thomas Lab

Mahiri Mwita

  • Lecturer in Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
Email: mmwita@Princeton.EDU
Office: 210E Aaron Burr Hall

Guy Olivier Ngongang Ndjawa

  • Post Doctoral Research Associate
Office: Rm A221 engineering quad

Meghan O'Rourke

  • Lecturer in Creative Writing
Email: morourke@princeton.edu
Office: New South Building, Floor 6

Joyce Carol Oates

  • Lecturer with the Rank of Professor
  • Professor of Creative Writing, Emerita
Email: jcsmith@Princeton.EDU
Office: New South, 6th Floor

Daniel Osherson

  • Henry R. Luce Professor of Information Technology,Consciousness, and Culture
  • Professor of Psychology
Email: osherson@Princeton.EDU
Office: Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Suite A08

Serguei Oushakine

  • Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Acting Director
  • Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies.
Email: oushakin@Princeton.EDU
Office: 226 East Pyne Building

Elaine Pagels

  • Harrington Spear Paine Foundation Professor of Religion
Email: epagels@Princeton.edu
Office: 1879 Hall

Spyridon Papapetros

  • Associate Professor of Architecture
Email: spapapet@Princeton.EDU
Office: S07 Architecture Building

Hilary Parker

  • Assistant Vice President, Office of the President
Email: haparker@Princeton.EDU
Office: Nassau Hall, Rm 1

Justin Perez

  • Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Anthropology.
  • Fund for Reunion-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in LGBT Studies.
Email: jdaperez@princeton.edu
Office: 23B Joseph Henry House

Jonathan Pletcher

  • Director of Medical Services
Email: jp26@princeton.edu
Office: 154 McCosh Infirmary

Adam Potkay

  • Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching of University Center for Human Values.
Email: apotkay@princeton.edu
Office: 5 Ivy Lane

Pascale Poussart

  • Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Office of the Dean of the College
Email: poussart@Princeton.EDU
Office: 36 University Place, Suite 340

Deborah Prentice

  • Office of the Provost
  • Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
Email: predebb@Princeton.EDU
Office: Nassau Hall, Rm 3

Frans Pretorius

  • Professor of Physics
Email: fpretori@Princeton.EDU
Office: 262 Jadwin Hall

Miklos Racz

  • Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering.
Email: mracz@princeton.edu
Office: 204 Sherrerd Hall

James Rankin

  • Senior Lecturer in German.
  • Director, Princeton's Center for Language Study.
  • Director, Princeton's Center for Language Study
Email: jrankin@Princeton.EDU
Office: 011A East Pyne Hall

Harvey Rosen

  • John L. Weinberg Professor of Economics and Business Policy
Email: hsr@princeton.edu
Office: Fisher Hall, Rm 001

Amy Rowland

  • Journalism Specialist, The Council of the Humanities.
  • Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Freshman Seminars.
Email: arowland@princeton.edu
Office: Joseph Henry House

Martha Sandweiss

  • Professor of History
Email: masand@princeton.edu
Office: 302 Dickinson Hall

Shirley Satterfield

  • Community Fellow

Cyrus Schayegh

  • Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies
  • Program in Near Eastern Studies.
Email: schayegh@princeton.edu
Office: 108 Jones Hall

Leslie Schoop

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry.
Email: lschoop@princeton.edu
Office: 353 Frick Chemistry Lab

Jodi Schottenfeld-Roames

  • Lecturer in Molecular Biology
Email: jschotte@princeton.edu
Office: 304 Thomas Laboratory

Katherine Sferra

  • ISA - SEVIS Coordinator
  • Davis International Center
Email: kgsferra@princeton.edu
Office: 87 Prospect, Floor 1

Jacob Shapiro

  • Professor of Politics and International Affairs,
  • Woodrow Wilson School
Email: jns@princeton.edu
Office: Robertson Hall

Mansour Shayegan

  • Professor of Electrical Engineering
Email: shayegan@Princeton.EDU
Office: B408 Engineering Quad B-Wing

Anne-Marie Slaughter

  • Bert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Emeritus.
Email: slaughter@princeton.edu

Geneva Smith

  • Graduate Student
  • History
Email: gajsmith@princeton.edu
Office: Dickinson Hall, Room 129

Tracy Smith

  • Roger S. Berlind '52 Professor in the Humanities
  • Professor of Creative Writing in the Lewis Center for the Arts. Director
  • Program in Creative Writing
Email: Tracy.K.Smith@princeton.edu
Office: 614 New South Building

Anatoly Spitkovsky

  • Professor of Astrophysical Sciences
Email: anatoly@princeton.edu
Office: 123 Peyton Hall

Sarah Staszak

  • Associate Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School
  • Lecturer in Public and International Affairs.
Email: sstaszak@princeton.edu
Office: Robertson Hall

Gavin Steingo

  • Assistant Professor of Music
Email: gsteingo@princeton.edu
Office: Woolworth Center

Vance Stephens

  • Financial Aid Officer
  • Undergraduate Financial Aid
Email: vance.stephens@princeton.edu
Office: Morrison Hall, Rm 220

Susan Sugarman

  • Professor of Psychology
Email: sugsue@princeton.edu
Office: 527 Peretsman-Scully Hall

Diana Tamir

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
Email: dtamira@princeton.edu
Office: 329 Peretsman Scully Hall

Jordan Taylor

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Lawrence S. Brodie University Preceptor
Email: jordanat@princeton.edu
Office: 429 Peretsman-Scully Hall

Joseph Thomas

  • Assistant Chaplain, Aquinas Institute
Email: jthomas@princeton.edu

Alexander Todorov

  • Professor of Psychology
Email: atodorov@Princeton.EDU
Office: 323 Peretsman Scully Hall

Daniel Trueman

  • Professor of Music
Email: dtrueman@Princeton.EDU
Office: 201 Woolworth Music Center

Abraham Udovitch

  • Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East, Emeritus
  • Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus
Email: alud@princeton.edu
Office: C-2-J-2 Firestone Library

Henry Umansky

  • Manager, Web Development
  • Academic Technology Services
  • Office of Information Technology
Email: humansky@princeton.edu
Office: 693 OIT Academic Services

Carolyn Urena

  • Princeton Writing Program
  • Lecturer
Email: curena@princeton.edu
Office: Baker Hall, Whitman College

Robert Vanderbei

  • Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Email: rvdb@Princeton.EDU
Office: 227 Sherrerd Hall

Mari Jo Velasco

  • Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Music.
  • Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows.
Email: mvelasco@princeton.edu
Office: Joseph Henry House

Anatasia Vrachnos

  • Vice Provost International Affairs and Operations
  • Office of the Provost
Email: atv@princeton.edu
Office: 221 Nassau Hall

Keith Wailoo

  • Townsend Martin Professor of History and Public Affairs
Email: kwailoo@princeton.edu
Office: 216 Dickinson Hall

James Wallace

  • Program Manager
  • Office of Capital Projects
Email: jpwallac@princeton.edu
Office: Macmillan Building

Matthew Weiner

  • Associate Dean, Office of the Dean of Religious Life
Email: mcweiner@princeton.edu
Office: 26 Murray-Dodge

Judith Weisenfeld

  • Agate Brown and George L. Collord Professor of Religion
Email: jweisenf@Princeton.EDU
Office: 234 1879 Hall

Peter Wirzbicki

  • Assistant Professor of History.
Email: wirzbicki@princeton.edu
Office: G19 Dickinson Hall

Eric Wood

  • Susan Dod Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Email: efwood@Princeton.EDU
Office: E415 Engineering Quad E-Wing

Wei Xiong

  • Hugh Leander and Mary Trumbull Adams Professor for the Study of Investment and Financial Markets
  • Professor of Economics
Email: wxiong@Princeton.EDU
Office: 201 26 Prospect Ave.

Monica Youn

  • Lecturer in Creative Writing and the Lewis Center for the Arts
Email: myyoun@princeton.edu
Office: New South Building, Floor 6

John Ziegler

  • Executive Director, Real Estate Development, Facilities
Email: jziegler@Princeton.EDU
Office: 115 MacMillan Building