Faculty Advisers

Rebekah Peeples

  • Associate Dean of the College
  • AB Adviser
Office: 411 Morrison Hall

Pascale Poussart

  • Director of Undergraduate Research
  • AB Advisor
Office: 308 194 Nassau Street

James Rankin

  • Senior Lecturer in German
  • Director, Princeton's Center for Language Study
  • AB Adviser
Office: 011A East Pyne Hall

Leslie Schoop

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • AB Adviser
Office: 353 Frick Chemistry Lab

Jodi Schottenfeld-Roames

  • Lecturer in Molecular Biology
  • AB Adviser
Office: 304 Lewis Thomas Laboratory

Bartolomeo Stellato

  • Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering
  • BSE Adviser
Office: 323 Sherrerd Hall

Michael Webb

  • Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • BSE Adviser
Office: A325 Engineering Quad

Matthew Weinberg

  • Computer Science
  • Assistant Professor
  • AB Adviser
Office: 317 Computer Science Building