Faculty Advisers

Mariana Bono

  • Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
  • AB Adviser
Email: mbono@princeton.edu
Office: 401 East Pyne Hall

Mark Braverman

pic of Mark
  • Professor of Computer Science
Email: mbraverm@princeton.edu
Office: 411 Computer Science Building

Pierre-Thomas Brun

pic of Pierre
  • Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Email: pbrun@princeton.edu
Office: A313 Engineering Quad

Sarah Chihaya

Pic of Sara Chihaya
  • Assistant Professor of English
  • AB Adviser
Email: schihaya@princeton.edu
Office: B52 Mccosh Hall

Nick Feamster

Picture of Nick Feamster
  • Professor of Computer Science
  • AB Adviser
Email: feamster@princeton.edu
Office: 310 Sherrerd Hall

Reena Goldthree

pic of reena
  • Assistant Professor, Department of African American Studies
  • AB adviser
Email: rgoldthree@princeton.edu
Office: 007 Stanhope Hall

Heather Howard

Picture of Heather Howard
  • Lecturer, Woodrow Wilson School
  • AB adviser
Email: heatherh@princeton.edu
Office: 182 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Jessica Irving

pic of Jessica Irving
  • Assistant Professor of Geosciences
  • AB Adviser
Email: jirving@princeton.edu
Office: 321 C Guyot Hall

A. James Link

Picture of james link
  • Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • BSE Adviser
Email: ajlink@princeton.edu
Office: 207 Hoyt Laboratory

Wyatt Lloyd

Pic of Wyatt Lloyd
  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • AB Adviser
Email: wLloyd@princeton.edu
Office: 323 Computer Science Building