Faculty Advisers

Mariana Bono

  • Lecturer in Spanish
  • Associate Director of the Spanish Language Program
  • AB Adviser
Office: 033 East Pyne Hall

Pierre-Thomas Brun

  • Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • BSE Adviser
Office: A313 Engineering Quad

Sarah Chihaya

  • Assistant Professor of English
  • AB Adviser
Office: B52 Mccosh Hall

Lamyaa El-Gabry

  • Lecturer in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • BSE Adviser
Office: D324 E-Quad

Reena Goldthree

  • Assistant Professor- Department of African American Studies
  • AB Adviser
Office: Stanhope 007

Heather Howard

  • Lecturer in Public Affairs,Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
  • Director, State Health and Value Strategies
  • AB adviser
Office: 182 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Harvey Lederman

  • Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • AB Adviser
Office: 205 Marx Hall

Wyatt Lloyd

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • AB Adviser
Office: 323 Computer Science Building

Rosina Lozano

  • Associate Professor of History
  • AB Adviser
Office: G-29 Dickinson Hall

Shayegan Mansour

  • Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • BSE Adviser
Office: B408 Engineering Quadrangle