Catherine Blume

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A senior in the Physics department, Catherine spends too much of her time worrying about the end of the world. See, she is interested in space weather—how solar flares and particle releases from the Sun impact satellites, GPS systems, the power grid, etc.—and a severe enough event could cause a global catastrophe. In the pursuit of this topic, she meandered through the mathematics, ORFE, geosciences, and astrophysics departments before finally landing in physics just last May. She succeeded in escaping to Scotland for a semester (you CAN study abroad as a physics major do not let anyone tell you otherwise) to study at the University of St Andrews and walk in the highlands.

When she is not buried under problem sets, you can find her singing with the Chapel Choir and with Katzenjammers A capella, as well as mentoring for the Association for Women in STEM.

She is always happy to chat over tea about anything academic or otherwise.  (I have far too much please help me consume it.)