Bradley Rindos '23

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Hello there! I’m Bradley Rindos, and I’m a junior from Chatham, New Jersey. From a young age, I’ve been obsessed with space travel and our universe. That’s why I’m so excited to be studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton, with a certificate in Robotics & Intelligent Systems. My ultimate goal is to be among the first on Mars, in hopes of developing planetary exploration, uniting communities of Earthlings behind a common achievement, and inspiring young people to pursue STEM fields. I’ve always been interested in service to my country, which is why I’m a cadet in Air Force ROTC. I will be an Officer in the Air Force post-graduation, where I hope to fly fighter jets and become a test pilot. I’m fascinated by issues related to national security and foreign relations, so I also study the History and the Practice of Diplomacy certificate through SPIA. Outside of being an RCA, I’m an Orange Key Tour Guide, the founder of Princeton Spikeball, a photographer/videographer, ambulance driver/EMT, and involved with the Ivy Space Coalition and Business Today. Hit me up if you want to talk about any of these topics, or chess, movies, skiing, climbing, camping, Crocs, Whitman’s Chicken Pot Pie, or if you also have piles of random song lyrics in your head.