Anna Simon '25

My name is Anna and I'm from New Haven, CT. I'm majoring in English with a concentration in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Humanistic Studies. I love to run (on the tow path in Princeton especially), play soccer, hike, and generally just spend time walking around in the sun. If you ever want a good walk or run route, let me know. I also love reading (for pleasure) and watching terrible, trashy TV shows (Daisy Jones and the Six is my current one). What I miss most about home is cooking with my family, but getting long dinners here with friends can be just as rewarding and fun to destress during the week. I'm so excited to be a PAA and meet everyone! I love the Whitman community, and I think the key to a happy life here at Princeton is knowing when to focus on academics, and when to not focus on academics. As your PAA, I want to hear about what you love, in and out of school, and help figure out a way for your life here to be balanced and happy while absolutely killing the academic game.