Alice van't Hoff

RGS Council Advisor

Hello! My name is Alice and I am a 5th year in the Philosophy Department, where I work primarily on metaphysics and social philosophy. I'm especially interested in some of the most foundational questions in analytic philosophy, my research tries to say something about what it is to exist, how we acquire theoretical commitments to the existence of things, and what things do in fact exist. I've also written about the nature of chance and causation, the passing of time, and how to interpret quantifiers—logical devices that allow us to express claims about how many things there are. My work in social philosophy, meanwhile, focuses on questions of social ontology: recently, I've been thinking about the nature of gender, gender identity, and why a person's identity might merit social recognition. Before coming to philosophy, I grew up in and around London in the UK. I first came to the USA 7 years ago, and, after spending three years in the desert in Arizona, moved to Princeton. I did my undergraduate degree (in History) at Cambridge and I also have Masters Degrees from Oxford and King's College London. When away from work, I like to draw and to write what can only be described as doggerel verse. I love true crime shows of the 90s and early 00s, preferably low-budget and of dubious dramatic quality. Pre-pandemic, I was an eager soccer player of mixed ability and had been learning (somewhat bruisingly) to ice-skate. Language, both in general and in particular, is especially interesting to me and in the past few years, I have been trying to learn some fairly halting German. I'm happy to talk about anything: academia appeals to me because I love learning and I'd be so excited to learn what you are interested in and working on and how you are finding life at Princeton. I also know various tidbits of trivia and also can say something about graduate school and postgraduate study. Most importantly of all, I can't wait to get to know you all and to call Whitman home!