College Office Resumes In-Person Operations on August 2nd

March 16, 2020

Due to the impact of Covid-19 virus, the Whitman College Office is currently closed for in-person meetings. However, the staff of Whitman College are still available via email, phone, and Zoom.


You can contact us at 609-258-8900 and expect a response, Mon-Fri, 8:45am-5pm

Claire Gmachl, Head:

Alexis Andres, Dean:, 609-258-8525

Momo Wolapaye, Director of Student Life:, 609-258-8145

Jaclyn Schwalm, Director of Studies:, 609-258-8093

Kristin Frasier, Program Administrator:, 609-258-8658

Sara Krause, College Coordinator:, 609-258-8900

As always, you can reach Public Safety by dialing 609-258-1000.

Stay safe and wash your hands!