Special Dining and Tables

Dining Hall information 

Weekly Language Tables- Language tables are offered by the Princeton Center for Language Study. Please contact the host of the table with any questions and/or information about the schedule. The schedule can be found here:


Special Meals and events for 2024-2025


  • Pre-rade BBQ Alexander Beach– Sunday, September 3
    • All dining halls closed for dinner.
  • Origins Dinner 
  • First-Year Families Weekend
  • Latin Heritage Month

  • Campus Dining Event
  • World Food Day
  • Fall Recess
  • Fall Harvest Dinner 

  • Native American Heritage Month
  •  Thanks-giving Dinner:  An opportunity for Gratitude
  •  Thanksgiving Recess Begins

  • Holiday Dinner 
  • Late Night Breakfast 
  • Fall meal plans end
  • Wintersession

  • Spring term meal plans begin
  • Theme Dinners
  • Mardi Gras 
  • Alumni Day

  • Black History Month 

  • Ramadan  February 27 – March 29 
    Take-out options available at Frist.  Advance sign-up required.
  • Spring Recess 
  • Earth Day
  • Late Night Breakfast