College Spaces

Community Hall

Whitman's Community Hall

Whitman College's Community Hall is made up of a great hall, two private dining rooms and a cafe. The great hall seats 168.



The Class of 1972 Octagonal Private Dining Room

Picture of Whitman's octogonal private diningroom

The Class of 1972 private dining room seats 24.



The Class of 1998 Rectangular Private Dining Room

Picture of the Class of 1998 Rectangular Private Dining Room

Class of 1998 private dining room seats 28.




Community Hall Café

Picture of the Whitman Cafe

The cafe seats 52.




The Guggenheim Gallery

Picture of the Guggenheim Gallery

Used for art exhibitions.



The Whitman Common Room

whitman common room

The common room can be used for studying, playing board games, or group meetings.

The TV Room in 1981 Hall

Picture of the Whitman TV room

The Whitman TV room can be reserved for sports viewing (Monday Night Football), movie nights, or TV series watching.

The Whitman Dance Studio

Picture of the Whitman Dance Studio

Whitman College has a dance studio with fantastic Marley floors, a barre and beautiful mirrors. The dance studio is fully media equipped. Weekly yoga and salsa classes are held in addition to regular dance group performances and practices. 



The Class of 1970 Theater

The Class of 1970 Theater

Whitman College Class of 1970 theater is a 65 seat purpose built theater. It can be used for theatrical performances, film screenings or lectures. It is fully equipped with lighting and sound boards for theater performances, as well as capability to play CD's, DVD's and VHS tapes. No food or drink is permitted in the theater. The theater is available only to University groups. No group may use the theater equipment until they have been trained by the appropriate University office.