Whitman College

Whitman Wrap

A blue poster with whales on either side. Whitman Wrap is written on the top of the page. Two cups of Rita's Water ice are displayed in the middle of the page. The Rita's logo is in the bottom left hand corner.

Whitman Wrap with Rita's Water Ice. 

Writing Fridays

Writing Fridays Flyer

Office Hours with Head Gmachl

Please join Head of Whitman College Claire Gmachl for her office hours this semester on Monday,  from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the college office or over lunch at Whitman.
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It's an opportunity to meet for office hours or check-in with Head of College, Claire Gmachl. You can talk about coursework, how things are going, and exchange ideas for creating community.
For a different meeting time email [email protected].

Tour of Whitman with Head Claire Gmachl

Welcome Class of 2026