Nimisha Barton

photo of Nimisha Barton
  • Associate Director for Freshman Scholars Institute
  • AB Adviser
Email: nbarton@princeton.edu
Office: West College, Rm 408

Eric Chiou

Picture of Eric Chiou
  • College Council Chair
Email: echiou@princeton.edu

Mary Kate Davis

Whitman Whale drawing
  • Deputy Chair
Email: mkdavis@princeton.edu

Sandra Bermann

Sandie Bermann
  • Head of College
Phone: 609 258-8900
Email: sandralb@princeton.edu

Alexis Andres

Picture of Alexis Andres
  • Dean of Whitman College
Phone: 609 258-8525
Email: aandres@princeton.edu
Office: Whitman College

Momo Wolapaye

Momo Wolopaye
  • Director of Student Life
Phone: 609 258-8145
Email: momo@princeton.edu
Office: Whitman College

Kristin Frasier

Kristin Frasier
  • College Administrator
Phone: 609 258-8658
Email: kfrasier@princeton.edu
Office: Whitman College

Linda Luo

Picture of Linda Luo
Email: lindaluo@princeton.edu

Jeremy Adelman

  • Professor of History
  • Henry Charles Lea Professor of History
  • Director of the Global History Lab
Phone: 609-258-7550
Email: adelman@Princeton.EDU
Office: G32 Dickinson Hall

V. Kofi Agawu

  • Hughes-Rodgers Professor of Music
Phone: 609-258-4246
Email: kagawu@Princeton.EDU
Office: 217 Woolworth Music Center