Faculty Advisers

Nimisha Barton

photo of Nimisha Barton
  • Associate Director for Freshman Scholars Institute
  • AB Adviser
Email: nbarton@princeton.edu
Office: West College, Rm 408

Sarah Chihaya

photo of Sarah Chihaya
  • Assistant Professor of English
  • AB Adviser
Email: schihaya@princeton.edu

Rosina Lozano

Picture of Rosino Lozano
  • Assistant Professor of History
  • AB Adviser
Email: rlozano@princeton.edu
Office: G-29 Dickinson Hall

Rebekah Massengill

Picture of Rebekah Massengill
  • Associate Dean of the College
  • AB Adviser
Email: rmasseng@princeton.edu
Office: 408 West College

Rebecca Burdine

  • Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
  • AB Adviser
Email: rburdine@princeton.edu

Pascale Poussart

Picture of Pascale Poussart
  • Director of Undergraduate Research
  • AB Advisor
Email: poussart@princeton.edu
Office: Frist Campus Center

Nick Feamster

Picture of Nick Feamster
  • Professor of Computer Science
  • AB Adviser
Email: feamster@princeton.edu
Office: Computer Science Building

Mariana Bono

  • Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
  • AB Adviser
Email: mbono@princeton.edu
Office: East Pyne Building

Jordan Taylor

Picture of jordan Taylor
  • Assitant Professor of Psychology
  • AB Adviser
Email: jordanat@princeton.edu
Office: Peretsman-Scully Hall, Rm110

Jérémie Lumbroso

cartoon of the whale
  • Lecturer in Computer Science
  • BSE Adviser
Email: lumbroso@princeton.edu
Office: computer science building